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  • How To Install Aptoide TV On Firestick, Android TV Box Or Android Smart TV Aptoide TV store is an Android-based app which can be installed on any device. In this tutorial, we are going to show how you can install Aptoide TV on Firestick, Android TV Box or Android Smart TV. By Justin Last updated Jan 15, 2019  0 20,352  Share   By clicking the subscribe button you will never miss the new articles! Subscribe   Where do you get your apps? Depending on the type of Smart TV or TV box you have, there’s only one place, the official store which came with the device. For native Android platforms, it’s the Google Play Store, for Fire TV, it’s the Amazon store. Despite their advantages, these official app stores have limitations such as compatibility issues and the main one is that not all apps are available. Essential streaming apps such as Mobdro can’t be found in these official stores, and this is a big blow to cord cutters out there. What if I told you there’s another store where you can get all your apps, especially streaming apps. Well, to all esteemed cord cutters with TV boxes, now it’s time to ditch the official stores for something more bountiful. The alternative app store I’m talking about is the Aptoide app store. The name Aptoide comes from the combination of APT – an installation package and the word OIDE which is the syllable voice from the name ‘andr-OID.’ This store is available and compatible with different screen sizes. Hence there’s Aptoide for smartphones and Aptoide TV for TVs. The one we are going to look into is Aptoide TV. This one has apps compatible with big screens. Installing Aptoide TV Aptoide TV store is Android based, and hence it can be installed on any device which runs on the Android platform. It can also be installed on Fire TV as it runs on Fire OS, a variant version of the Android platform. Since this is an alternative store and due to the non-compete clause, you can not install Aptoide from the Official App stores such as Google Play and Amazon store. But worry not, there’s another way in which you can get this store into your various TVs. How to install Aptoide TV on Android TV Box/Android Smart TV Aptoide TV is an app from a third-party source, and for this reason, you will need to enable required permissions on your Android TV for it to install. To install Aptoide TV, proceed as follows;
    1. On your Android, go to the Settings Menu.
    2. Look for the Security option and select it
    3. Then check whether the “Unknown sources” checkbox is ticked. If not tick it, if it is, go to the next step.
    4. This is the final step, installing the app. Go to https://m.aptoide.com/installer-aptoide-tv on your TV’s browser, download the app and install After step 3, you can also download the App to your computer via the above link and then copy the APK file to a flash disk. Plug in the Flash disk to your Android TV/TV box and install the app. After a successful installation, you can now install streaming apps which are not available in the official stores. Install Aptoide Tv on Firestick Like said earlier, you cannot install Aptoide TV from Amazon Store. Similar to Android you will also have to enable some permissions. Here is the procedure on how to install Aptoide TV on Firestick;
    5. On your Fire TV, open
    6. Then go to Device.
    7. And select Developer Options.
    8. From the developer options, enable ABD debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources by ensuring they are turned on.
    9. Go back to the home screen and head over to the Search option and type Downloader. If you already have the downloader skip to step 8.
    10. After typing, the Downloader will show up, click it and then select Get to download and install it.
    11. After installation, open the downloader and click on the .
    12. On the Aptoide page, select download, wait for it to finish and then click install.
    13. Open the app and Tada! You have the Aptoide Tv store. Popular Streaming Apps available to Download from Aptoide TV
    • Stremio – Movies & Series
    • Terrarium TV – Movies & Series
    • Mobdro – Live TV channels
    • Live NetTV – Live TV channels How secure is Aptoide? If you are worried about the safety of this store, always download apps with the “Trusted” badge on them. But generally, it’s secure and free of malware. Why you will need a VPN It’s highly advisable to use a VPN for any online task as it provides security and privacy. In this case, a VPN will be helpful in enabling you to bypass geo-restrictions and gain access to restricted content when you are streaming.
  •   I know what you’re thinking. This guy never talks about apps and now he’s telling me about some app store that I’ve never heard of and could care less about. Well…stick with me a sec and I’ll tell you why you should install Aptoide TV, even if you don’t have a Fire TV or FireStick. (hint: it’s great for Android TV as well) What is Aptoide? Aptoide is one of the biggest 3rd party app stores there is. At last count, it has over 750,000 apps that you can download for your Android device. Remember, the Firestick and Fire TV are based on the Android OS, so many of those apps will work perfectly. Think of Aptoide as a kind of open source app store. If you’ve heard the phrase “open source” before, you’re right. It’s something that Team Kodi promotes all the time. The idea is that regular people like you and me all over the world can each contribute something small to a bigger project and create something special. Think of it as an app store “by the people and for the people.” Why do we need another Firestick app store? Because Google and Amazon really don’t like each other. That’s why you won’t find any Google Chromecasts on Amazon.com or why you won’t find the Google Play Store on your Fire TV – even though it’s the biggest Android app store in the world. Similarly, you won’t find Amazon Prime Video on Google devices. The Aptoide App Store gives you the option to easily install whatever apps you want on your device, no matter if the big boys are fighting or not. You can find tons of apps – even the ones that Amazon really doesn’t want you to install, like a Fire TV web browser. Sound good? Let’s see how to get you set up in just a few minutes. How to install the Aptoide apk First you’re going to need to have something that will let you install the Aptoide apk from their website. If you haven’t already, check out my article on the Amazon Downloader app. Think of getting that app set up as “Step 0” in the process.   If you’ve already installed the Amazon Downloader, go ahead and open it now.   There are two options for what to type in the URL field in the Downloader app: the actual URL from Aptoide and a bit.ly shortened URL. They’ll both take you to the same place. Type in either: installer-aptoide-tv     That link will take you directly to the install page for Aptoide TV. There are two different versions of the Aptoide app store that will work on your Fire TV, so its important to install the Aptoide TV app and not the regular Android version of the Aptoide app store. The problem with the smartphone\tablet version of the app is that it really doesn’t work well with the Fire TV remote control, or anything else with just a directional pad. The Aptoide TV version is designed with the “sitting on your couch” interface with bigger icons that are easy to read from across the room. Plus it works with the remote, which is essential if you don’t have an Amazon Fire TV keyboard.   From here, just click on the “Install Aptoide TV” button to start the download process.   The apk file is only around the 13MB size, so the download should only take a few seconds, depending on your Internet speed.  Click Install to continue. And that’s it. Remember to delete the apk file once it’s installed to save some space on your device. Then head on back to the Your Apps & Games tab and scroll to the bottom. The Aptoide icon will appear right there at the bottom.   Once it opens, be sure it says Aptoide TV (remember there are two versions of the Aptoide app store). Then, start browsing through thousands of apps for your Fire TV and FireStick that you couldn’t find on the Amazon App Store.   Do you use any other Firestick app store? If so, tell me why you like it better than Aptoide TV in the comments below.
  • Aptoide is one of the best 3rd party App stores for devices running on Android OS. If you wish to sideload 3rd party apps on your TV then Aptoide store can make your work very much easy. The features offered by Aptoide are quite unique and you won’t find in any other conventional App store. Aptoide is similar to Google Play Store offering digital content where you can browse and download the apps. It is a marketplace app where all the content is available, you don’t need to Google search every time to download the apk file of the app. It presently offers over 500 thousand apps. Features of Aptoide app store
    • All paid apps for free in fact there are no paid apps offered.
    • You can also download the apps which are not available for your country.
    • No need to register an account.
    • Inbuilt malware and virus scanner
    • The store hosts mod versions of games and hack tools for games.
    • You can get updated apps even before it is released for your country.
    • You can pause the download and resume it anytime.
    • Download multiple Apps at a single time.
    • You can create your own marketplace and manage your own App store.
    Aptoide TV – Steps to Install it on Firestick and Fire TV Here are the simple steps to download and install Aptoide TV on Fire TV and Firestick. Step 1. Open Fire TV Home Page. Step 2. Go to Settings. Step 3. Under settings select the option Device and then to Developer Options. Step 4. In Developer options Turn On the Apps from Unknown Sources. Fire TV Unkown Sources from Developers Option Step 5. Now go back to home screen, open search option and search for Downloader. Open Downloader Step 6. Open the Downloader Page, go to settings and enable the JavaScript. Enable JavaScript in Downloader Settings Step 7. Now open Downloader Homepage and type in the URL. http://m.aptoide.com/installer-aptoide-tv Aptoide TV Installer Step 8. You will be directed to an Aptoide TV App download page. Install the Aptoide TV App. Step 9. Open the Aptoide TV App, search for your App and install it directly. Fix Any Error with the App on Firestick and Fire TV App Not Working | Force Close Go Settings → Applications → Manage Installed Applications from the Fire TV menu. Select the Aptoide App from the list.
    • Clear the cache and/or data, which often resolves intermittent performance issues.
    • Change available settings for the app.
    • Force stop the app.
    • Uninstall the app.
    • For Amazon Fire TV (1st and 2nd Generation) devices, you have an option to move the app between internal and external storage.
    You can also check if the App has all the permissions needed for its normal working (Gen 3 and above) Go to Settings → Applications → Manage Applications (Look for the App)  → Grant all the Permissions. Note & Conclusion: The Aptoide TV is by far the most popular 3rd store offering Apps for free to install on your device. With the steps above you can download and install the Aptoide TV store on your Fire TV or Firestick TV thus opening the door for a large amount of 3rd party Apps which you won’t find on Amazon Store. I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any assistance or support if needed.

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